Red or Green…what’s the difference?

RED OR GREEN? Every year, as it gets close to green chile harvest time at our Chile Traditions farms in Hatch, New Mexico, some of our customers ask us why we don’t have RED…and beyond that, what’s the difference between red and green? The answer just might surprise you. The difference is TIME. You see, a red chile is nothing more or less than a green chile that has ripened on the vine. It’s actually kinda [...]

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We’ve just returned from our Cchile farms in Hatch, New Mexico. And the news is GOOD! That little cold snap we had a few weeks ago didn’t do a bit of damage. The weather is great for growing, and the plants are 12” to 18” tall. If these terrific conditions hold, you could be--COULD be--smelling that wonderful aroma of roasting chiles coming from Chile Traditions’ outdoor location by around the end of July. We’ll keep you [...]

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