SHIPPING YOUR GREEN CHILE? LET THE BUYER BEWARE! If you’re shipping chile to friends or loved ones out of ABQ, make sure you trust your shipper. Chile Traditions is approved by the Department of Agriculture and the Albuquerque Environmental Health Department .The GREEN STICKER on our door means we’re thoroughly trained and fully accredited to sell, handle, and ship your chile safely and correctly…and that whether you’re shipping across the state or across the country, you can trust Chile Traditions to get it there fresh. Something else: we sell only CERTIFIED HATCH GREEN CHILE. So, before you ship, ASK. If the seller doesn’t have a green Health Department sticker–and if he can’t guarantee that his product is 100% genuine Hatch chile–we know who can! Better yet, save yourself the hassle and come see Chile Traditions first. Wyoming @ Montgomery. If you’re out of town, you can order online now. For information, call 1-877-VERY-HOT.