Sure, we all buy knock-off stuff…sunglasses, watches, purses, Hawaiian shirts. But knock-off NEW MEXICO CHILE? Holy guacamole, Batman! It’s hard to believe, but some states–even countries South of the border (which shall remain nameless, not… MEXICO!!!)–have reportedly tried to pawn off their bogus produce under the guise of “New Mexico.” You can read or listen to National Public Radio’s story here. Oh, just for the record, EVERY fresh chile we sell at Chile Traditions is genuine HATCH chile, the spiciest, tastiest green chile in the world. We can even show you our official certificate of authenticity to prove it. On that note, we’re just a few weeks away from our first 2014 shipment. We’ll have an update later this week And don’t forget to call 1-877-VERY-HOT (in Albuquerque 888-3166) to learn how you can get FREE Hatch green chile when you prepay your order!