THE BEST BURRITO IN TOWN COULD BE THE ONE YOU MAKE! Everybody knows the secret of a great burrito is the chile. When you bite into a great burrito, it bites back. Sound good? We’ve got you covered…with New Mexico’s  latest addition to the world famous line of Hatch green chile: Miss Junie looks and peels like a Big Jim, but when you bite into it you’ll get the distinctive flavor and kick of an x-hot—perfect for your next smothered green chile burrito. Whatever flavor and heat level you prefer, you’ll find it at Chile Traditions’ outdoor roasting location on the corner of Montgomery and Wyoming in ABQ. Mild, medium, hot, x-hot, xxx-hot, and  (of course) Miss Junie. We’re open every day, and we get fresh shipments every Tuesday & Friday. aLSO AVAILABLE ONLINE HERE.