Well not quite. But soon. If you live in New Mexico, it’s not news to you that September 2013 was one of the wettest in our state’s history. The moisture has had a dramatic effect on this year’s chile harvest, causing much of our world famous Hatch green chile to mature on the vine. When this happens, green chiles become RED chiles. Is that bad? Well not really. Hatch red is every bit as good as Hatch green. But, if you have a thing for green, you should strongly consider getting over to our outdoor roasting location, Wyoming north of Montgomery in Albuquerque, like NOW!. This KOAT Action 7 News report will explain why:


Rain or no rain, you should also  be aware that after the first part of October, as the days–and the daylight–get shorter, so do the chiles. Oh, they’re every bit as tasty. They’re just a little smaller during the late season than earlier on.  So BUY YOUR HATCH CHILE NOW…AT CHILE TRADITIONS! Tenga buen dia (have a good day).