IT’S BIG, IT’S MEATY, IT’S HOT! Chile Traditions has the newest variety of world famous Hatch green chile! Developed by Jim, June, and Ferol Lytle (the folks who brought you the “Big Jim”) have developed the “Ms. Junie.” Offering all the size and meatiness of a Big Jim, and the extra heat level of the smaller traditional x-hot variety, Ms. Junie features a 6- to 10-inch pod and a heat level of 9,000 to 10,000 Scoville Heat Units Our first shipment of Ms. Junies from Hatch sold out over the weekend, but we’ll have more this Tuesday, August 1st, at our outdoor roasting location, corner of Wyoming and Montgomery in the parking area of the La Mirada Square Shopping Center, ABQ. Come get yours right away!  Ms. Junie: Proof positive that size really DOES matter.