A CUSTOMER TALKS ABOUT OUR MS. JUNIE HATCH GREEN CHILE…”Last weekend, we bought our first sack of Ms. Junie chile from Chile Traditions. Wow! The first thing we noticed when we pulled one of the roasted chiles out of the bag was how easy it was to peel. They’re about the same size as a Big Jim, but with the kick of a hot or x-hot, which is usually a lot smaller and harder to peel. To sample them, we sliced some Quesadilla cheese and wrapped chile strips around them. The combination of the creamy cheese and hot  chile was a real treat! Then we grilled a couple of nice ribeyes and topped them with Ms. Junies and sauteed sweet onion with chopped garlic. Amazing! Here’s a photo. –Diane L.” Chile Traditions’ outdoor roasting location, corner of Montgomery & Wyoming. Fresh shipments of all flavors every Tuesday and Friday.