We roast them, then package & freeze them whole…just thaw, peel, and enjoy all year long.

SPECIAL NOTE: Due to shipping costs, Chile Traditions has a 5 lb. minimum order to offset the shipping cost.  The chile will come in 5 – 1 lb. packages. 16 oz. containers*  THIS PRICE INCLUDES SHIPPING!!!!  YOU MUST ENTER COUPON CODE “FRESH” to get FREE SHIPPING

The shipping weight is approximately 13lbs.  This includes the container, dry ice or cold packs etc. You are not receiving 13 lbs. of chile.

Frozen orders received by Sunday will ship the following Monday or Tuesday.

The only shipping method acceptable on this item is 2-day arrival.

*Must be shipped for 2-day arrival with cold packs or dry ice. Shipping costs include:

  • Dry ice or cold packs
  • Federally mandated hazmat fee
  • Insulated boxed shipping
  • 2-day arrival