RED OR GREEN? Every year, as it gets close to green chile harvest time at our Chile Traditions farms in Hatch, New Mexico, some of our customers ask us why we don’t have RED…and beyond that, what’s the difference between red and green? The answer just might surprise you. The difference is TIME. You see, a red chile is nothing more or less than a green chile that has ripened on the vine. It’s actually kinda like an apple: if you pick one off the tree early in the season, it’s usually green and a little sour. But as it hangs, it becomes redder and generally sweeter (a fact not lost on your local neighborhood birds). Likewise, red chile, harvested later in the season, tends to be more pungent and generally somewhat sweeter than than its green younger ‘bro. Now, aren’t you glad you asked? BTW, we’re hoping for our first fresh Hatch green chile delivery by the end of July!