WE’RE YOUR FIERY FOODS HEADQUARTERS! We ran into a lot of our friends at last weekend’s Fiery Foods Show in Albuquerque. And like you, we fell in love with a lot of new ways to get our Chile Fixx. So a lot of what you found there, you’ll find here! This weekend, we’ll be giving out free samples of some of the Fiery Foods Show’s best. Hope Springs Green Chile and Mexi Fiesta Crackers use only natural ingredients with no preservatives, trans-fats, or sugars, all made with only the finest herbs & spices. And Smither’s Dillapeno  Relish is made with jalapenos, cucumbers, and carrots to form the ultimate topper. So come try ‘em this Saturday & Sunday at our store on Montgomery west of Wyoming in ABQ…and see all the other Fiery Foods products we brought home for you!