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Did You Know?

Fascinating facts about our favorite food. DID YOU KNOW chile originated in Bolivia? “Bolivia?” you’re asking yourself. Yep, Bolivia. Well, some ancient historians say Peru. OK, whatever. In any case, archaeologists (with seemingly nothing better to do!) suggest that chile made its first appearance sometime between 5000 and 3000 B.C. Spanish Conquistadors later picked it up and spread the spicy wealth throughout the New World.
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Building A New Mexico Tradition

The year was 1980. Michelle DeWees, a single mother, opened an outdoor stand in mid-town Albuquerque, New Mexico, selling locally made chile ristras. A ristra (say: “REE-straw”), in case you’re not from around here, is a string of dried red chiles used as a decorative accessory in homes throughout the American Southwest. Ristras have a long...
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