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This cute little green chile plant, photographed yesterday at our Chile Traditions farm in Hatch, won’t be little or cute for long. The days are hot & sunny in Southern New Mexico now, the nights are warm, and our state-of-the-art drip irrigation systems are in full swing to bring you the planet’s most flavorful fresh green chile. In a little while, the plant will grow tall & strong and produce flowers. When the petals fall from these [...]

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The Big Game Survival Kit Special

$59.95! Stale chips with bland chile, drowned in fake cheese? NOT!! An $80.95 value, you can turn up the heat at your Big Game Party and save over $20, but only for a limited time. Get 2 jars of Chile Traditions Salsa (1 medium & 1 hot), 2 large bags of Milpa tortilla chips (1 white corn & 1 blue corn), and 2 bags of Deano’s Jalapeno Chips…deep fried jalapeno slices coated in creamy  Vermont cheddar [...]

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