$59.95! Stale chips with bland chile, drowned in fake cheese? NOT!! An $80.95 value, you can turn up the heat at your Big Game Party and save over $20, but only for a limited time. Get 2 jars of Chile Traditions Salsa (1 medium & 1 hot), 2 large bags of Milpa tortilla chips (1 white corn & 1 blue corn), and 2 bags of Deano’s Jalapeno Chips…deep fried jalapeno slices coated in creamy  Vermont cheddar cheese…that’s REAL cheese. You’ll also get 2 packages of Chile Traditions Green Chile Stew Mix…just add water (and your choice of meat, if you want), heat for about 25 minutes and serve up to 12 hungry guests! Then sweeten things up with sweet-hot Habanero Chile Jelly & spicy Red Chile Jelly, and 3 big peanut brittle patties (jalapeno, green chile, and red chile). And finally–for your eye-watering, tongue-scorching pleasure–there’s a bottle Dave’s Insanity Sauce. Offer available in our store on Montgomery west of Wyoming, Albuquerque, or online here.